Wednesday, May 2, 2007

documentary about neturei karta to be played in Toronto

Meanwhile, in another corner of Jerusalem live another group of people – the Neturei Karta.

In Yoel, Israel and the Pashkavils, an Israeli documentary directed by Lina Chaplin, we get a rare glimpse into this community of haredim who are opposed to the State of Israel because it is a secular state.

Opposed to modern forms of technology, the Neturei Karta disseminate their news and opinions through pashkavils (posters) that they paste on the walls of their community.

But, like in all societies, viewpoints differ, and this documentary focuses on the battle of words between Israel, an extremist who carries no ID card, and Yoel, a savvy, humorous businessmen who is a bit more moderate.

Israel has nine children with his young wife. “I hope to have 22,” he says, though his wife just smiles. They live in a one-bedroom apartment. He sees television as a tool of defilement.

Israel owns a printing press and has written hundreds of pashkavils stating the more Orthodox viewpoints. The ironic thing is that Yoel won the contract from the municipality to paste these posters up.

He dutifully puts up their posters, but at times covers them with his own rebuttals. “I’m not afraid to sign my pashkavils,” he says. When he is criticized in one of the posters for participating in a television documentary, he prints one saying, “How do you know so well what’s on TV?”

Meanwhile, Yoel is caught by the interviewer using a cellphone. “Isn’t this wrong?” the interviewer asks.

Yoel shrugs his shoulders guiltily. “Only the latest ones are,” he replies.

This is an interesting, at times humorous look into this rather secretive sect of chassidic Jews.

It airs May 9 at 1 p.m. at the Bloor Cinema.
This article is from the Canadian jewish news

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Doovie said...

Neturei Karta are not opposed to the State of Israel because it is a SECULAR State. They are opposed because the Talmud forbids Jews taking the Land since the destruction of the Temple. Period. And the punishment stated there is that our flesh will be made vulnerable like the deer and gazelle of the field. Tractate Ketuboth 111a. And the Zionist state is viewed to be in total violation of the laws and values of Judaism. That's a simple explanation.