Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Why we are here

We are here to tell people the truth about NK and cover you on the latest news about them they are a group of a few people they make themselves popular by protesting and meeting crazy people and that attracts a-lot of attention from the media because they call themselves Rabbis and say they represent the Jewish people. They are a bunch of lowlifes who are dressed up like frum Jews they are not Rabbis in any way. Just some facts about NK they have talked on television on Shabbos they met with famous Arab leaders including Yasir Arafat who has supported them with money, Iranian President M. Ahmadinejad who they met at a Holocaust denial conference in Iran, Mahamoud Abbas they are not supported by any Rabbi or Jewish organization or Jewish group there only supporters are Arabs. As Jews its are responsibility to stop this chilel Hashem that’s why we are here and they deserve no publicity

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